#FriendsdayWednesday - Morty Edition!

This week, we'd like to introduce you to Kerry's little guy, Morty!  

Morty modeling our Ponce Pillow

Morty modeling our Ponce Pillow

Morty is a loyal, energetic friend rescued from NKLA - a wonderful organization here in Los Angeles dedicated to ending the euthanizing of shelter pets. Because senior pets in particular have a harder time getting adopted, Kerry has made it her personal mission to give some elderly friends a golden retirement. Morty is 13 years old, although you would never know it! At least, until he opens his mouth and you see he has almost no teeth left 😂

We named the Morty fabric after him because of its lovely cream color, rugged texture, and little black triangles that remind us of Morty's eyes and nose.

The Morty chair

The Morty chair

Morty's #1 favorite thing in the world is his parents, but he also enjoys tortilla chips, standing on his hind legs, tiny tennis balls, hiking, bumping his chest up against a tree before peeing on it, taking snapchat selfies, and hanging out with his little pack of dog friends.

Modeling the Pebbles bandana!

Hanging out in the Pebbles Armchair with mom

On our way to our favorite hike

Snapchat loves his face.

He's a very special little guy, and we're so glad he found his way into our lives.  We love you, Morty!  Thank you for being so inspiring!